1 )  I know Ajay for last 5 years using his wealth management services for buying mutual finds,general and life insurance etc. He has always provided good financial opinions whenever required. first time i hired him in 2006 & hired more than once, his Top Qualities are Good Value, On Time, High Integrity, All the best.

SANT LAL GUPTA ( Sr Manager ) Tata Motors Ltd. , Mumbai, India

2 )  As a responsible person i used to manage my insurance, investment etc. by my own which was quite tiring and stressful. Thanks to AAS team and Mr. Ajay Kumar Gupta, After meeting them i am totally stress free in front of wealth management.

DR. MALAYAKANT SINGH ( MD - Psychiatry , Lucknow )

3 )  This is a very good and informative site.

Sameer Gupta

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