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            As you know most dreams come with a price tag attracted & sky is the limit for aspiration, we at AAS Invest Smart ensures that you’re hard earned money works as hard as you do, to get a return for you crossing through the rivers of investment planning. 


       we help our clients, plan their seeds,nurture the crops & harvest the crop, when the time is right.




Everyone needs to save for a rainy day. Once you have saved enough to take care of emergencies, you should start thinking about investing and to make your money grow. We can help you plan your investments so that you can reap adequate benefits and achieve your financial goals.







Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are among the hottest favorites’ with all types of investors.

 Company Fixed Deposit

Like most investment options, Company Fixed Deposits are a mixed bag. Company FDs can bean interesting investment option



Bond refers to a security issued by a company, financial institution or government which offers regular or fixed payment of returns .

Post Office Scheme 

Department of Posts offers many post  office savings schemes to the general  public. The schemes enable  regular  and long-term



IPO of good and growing companies keep on coming in the market. History shows investors who bought equity shares of reputed companies during their initial public issues have now become rich and prosperous

Real Estate 

investment in real estate can also be the part of your investment


New Pension Scheme

New Pension Scheme launched by government of India can also be a part of your investment planning



Portfolio Management Service will help investors to keep track of their investments on regularly basic.



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